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Made in 2013, I still hold this unfinished project dear to my heart. It's missing some cutscenes, and boss fights but is still a fun playable hour long experience.   

Gasper is a Murder-em-up where you kill by vomiting out 8 different blood attacks.After a coup d'état, the duck king rises up to crush the rebellion with his dying breath.

Yes, in Gasper you play as a decapitated duck king going on a revenge murder rampage.

Imagine if Julius Caesar after saying "Et tu, Brute?" and collapsing, got back up while everyone's backs were turned, nailed Brutus with a flying dropkick and then proceeded to start dismembewring everyone in the senate with sick martial arts moves before finally dying, standing on a mountain made up of his enemies.


  • meticulously crafted and polished original gameplay
  • Lots of different boss fights
  • procedurally generated levels
  • gasper can perform an incredible 8 different attacks that take minutes to learn but hours to master.
  • stunning 8-bit trash art in shitty wide screen NES resolution
  • a range of horrid sound effects all belched out of Jonathan Daar's unwashed mouth
  • a story about ducks, betrayal, and revenge.


ARROW keys to move around
SPACE/ENTER to move gasper's beak
SHIFT to lower gasper's upper eyelid
CTRL to raise gasper's lower eyelid

Gasper supports controllers and vibrators

More information:http://jonathandaar.com/index/a-guide-to-gasper/



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